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2020 20 Plate SCANIA R500 Highline Tag with Tip and Walking Floor Hydraulics – PX20LUA

  • 490,121 Kms
  • Tractor Unit
  • 2020
  • 500 Bhp

2016 16 Plate Volvo FH 540 Double Drive – KS16XKM

  • 490,121 Kms
  • Tractor Unit
  • 2016
  • 540 Bhp

2019 19 Plate SCANIA R450 8×2 Rigid 65T Crane Sleeper Cab Platform – PN19EZZ

  • 490,121 Kms
  • Tractor Unit
  • 2019
  • 450 Bhp

The Complete Guide to Buying A Used Truck


When you’re set on buying a used truck, you’ll know that it can be a huge investment of both time and money.

But before you jump into comparing prices, specifications, and availability, the experts here at Smith Bros. have created this handy guide – so you know what you should check, what to do, and where to start.

We’ll cover:

– The benefits of buying a used truck

– What to keep in mind while buying

– Which questions to ask

– What you can expect from Smith Bros.

So what are you waiting for? Continue reading to find out more about the truck-buying process and how we can help you find the best one.


Buying a used truck? Here’s where to start…

As well as thinking about additional elements such as budgets and costs, it helps to make a list to help you establish exactly what you’re looking for.

To help you get a feel for the process, we’ve collated some of the topline things you should consider before reaching out to a dealer.

Decide on your requirements

First, note down exactly what your truck will be used for. It might seem like a given, but it will narrow down your search for a pre-used truck or commercial vehicle considerably.

Choose your budget – and stick to it

Establishing a budget is crucial to the success of your search – so make sure you take the time to decide on a realistic number. This not only includes the truck itself but additional costs such as:

– Extra fees

– Needed improvements

– Changing parts

– Add-ons

– Paintwork

– And more!

At Smiths Bros., we’ll help you find the best truck for your budget, with absolutely no surprises.

We pride ourselves on transparent pricing, giving you excellent vehicles for the utmost value for money.

Narrowing Your Options

You should never rush your options. A reputable seller will never pressure you to make a snap purchase, either, so take the time to factor in information such as the truck’s overall history, complete condition, add-ons and upgrades into your final choice.

A good seller will offer you plenty of time to come to your decision, won’t overface you with too many models, and will give you complete peace of mind during the process.

That’s something we have been doing for over fifty years.

The Benefits of Buying a Used Truck

If you’re in the market for a pre-owned truck, then you’ll no doubt be familiar with some of the benefits of buying used over brand new.

But the benefits do go deeper than the price tag – which we’ll explain in more detail.



Of course, a pre-owned truck does come at a much more competitive price than a brand-new vehicle. The best part is that whether it’s been used for a few years or a matter of months, you know that you’ll be getting a top-level vehicle at a fraction of the cost, which is great for your mind and your wallet.



As soon as the wheels leave the lot, a vehicle instantly depreciates. So while the first owner will take this hit, the next owner only gets the benefits – especially once a truck reaches two years old.

Trucks are known to depreciate at a much slower rate in general, too, with some of the best resale values.



When you invest in a pre-owned truck, you know that modern manufacturing has longevity in mind. As many trucks are designed and built to last for over 2 million km, when maintained and looked after, you’re getting a steal without sacrificing reliability and safety.

What to Check When Buying a Used Truck

When you’ve found a used truck that meets your needs, it’s crucial to ask as many questions as possible to make sure it’s to your liking.

You can ask us for records on:

– Maintenance


– Oil change records

– Accident history

– Any amends or repairs that have been made

This can help you get a full picture of the used truck you’re buying.

As well as asking for any background information, make sure you get a closer look at the vehicle to make sure it meets your standards. This can guarantee peace of mind and stop the likelihood of any ‘surprise costs’ further down the road, such as:

– Look closely at the tyre tread

– Verify oil levels and its condition

– Look for internal and external rust, while checking for raised paintwork

– Check mileage

– Look closely at the bodywork and wrapping

– Keep an eye out for any cracks or chips in the glass

At Smith Bros., we specialise in only the finest quality of used trucks.

All of our vehicles go through rigorous inspections and checks to make sure they are of the highest standard before being sold to our customers – which is reflected in our glowing reputation and testimonials.

Scania - Exterior - Front

In the Market for Buying a Used Truck? Smiths Bros Can Help.

At Smith Bros., we’re leading specialists in haulage and pre-owned commercial trucks, boasting top names such as Scania to Mercedes, DAF and Volvo.

As such, we have a winning selection of pre-owned makes and models for a range of transportation needs – just browse our latest trucks for sale.

We have everything you need, all under one roof.

However, if you can’t find what you’re after, make sure to give us a call!

Our team has access to a vast number of operators, big fleets, and owner-drivers, which means we can actively source your requirements and get you on the road in no time.

To start your journey, get in touch with the team today!