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2021 21 Plate SCANIA R540 Highline Tag Axle – PN21FLX

  • 490,121 Kms
  • Tractor Unit
  • 2021
  • 540 Bhp

2021 21 Plate SCANIA R450 Highline Tag – PJ21YME

  • 490,121 Kms
  • Tractor Unit
  • 2021
  • 450 Bhp

2021 21 Plate SCANIA R500 Highline Tag with Walking Floor Hydraulics – PK21RFJ

  • 490,121 Kms
  • Tractor Unit
  • 2021
  • 500 Bhp

Top Truck Maintenance Tips for Your Fleet


As a fleet owner, it’s your legal responsibility to make sure your vehicles are safe to be on the road. General wear and tear is sure to happen over time, so keeping on top of your truck maintenance is crucial to protect your drivers and other road users.

What’s more, preventative maintenance means you’re more likely to spot any minor issues before they develop into major problems. This could save you a lot of money in the long run because conducting basic maintenance is less costly than paying for substantial repairs.

Follow these top truck maintenance tips to keep your fleet in the best possible condition and ensure you’re meeting your legal safety obligations.

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1. Check tyres regularly

Regardless of how big or small your fleet is, checking that your tyres are in good condition before and after every journey is absolutely essential.

There are two main things you need to check when it comes to tyres:

– Tyre pressure – Make sure that the tyres on your trucks are inflated properly to avoid uneven wear, maximise fuel economy, and provide optimum traction, braking and load-carrying ability at all times.

– Tyre condition – Examine your tyres closely for any signs of substantial wear. A worn-down tyre is less able to grip the road, which makes the chance of an accident occurring more likely. Checking the tread depth of every truck in your fleet regularly is essential to keep your drivers and other road users safe. This also reduces your likelihood of being fined if found to be failing the necessary standard.

No matter whether your fleet consists of large tractor units or small rigid trucks, any worn down or punctured tyres should be replaced immediately and the truck taken off the road until this is done.

Remember that, as a fleet owner, it’s your responsibility to make sure your vehicles are safe, and keeping on top of tyre maintenance is one of the most important ways to do this.


2. Check oil levels

Ensuring the oil levels are correct in all of your vehicles is important because oil serves several essential purposes:

– Lubricates the components found in the truck’s engine

– Transfers heat from moving parts to safer areas

– Guards against corrosion

– Removes contaminants that could otherwise damage the engine

If the components in the truck’s engine aren’t lubricated properly with fresh oil, the engine can overheat and completely break down. This would put the vehicle out of commission and could even pose a huge safety risk if the engine catches fire.

Keeping your trucks topped up with fresh oil can be costly, but it’s nowhere near as costly as having to replace entire engines. Plus, even just having one of your trucks out of commission might mean you’re unable to serve your customers as reliably as you should.

3. Check all exterior lights

Checking that all of the exterior lights on your trucks are working before every journey is such a quick and easy task – not to mention crucial.

A quick walk around the vehicle will help you catch any burnt-out bulbs that will need replacing before the truck heads out on the road. This includes all of your headlights, brake lights, hazard lights, and indicators.

Failure to notice a burnt-out bulb could result in your driver being pulled over by the police. In worst-case scenarios, a burnt-out bulb could even cause an accident (if an indicator or brake light goes out, for example).

Make sure that a quick check of your trucks’ lights is a regular part of your preventative maintenance to meet your safety obligations.

Engineer fitting the lights to the top of a Scania truck.

4. Check exterior truck bodies for any damage

It might seem simple, but regularly inspecting the truck bodies for signs of damage is also an important part of fleet vehicle maintenance.

Some exterior components of your trucks may easily detach if they’re damaged, which could pose a major safety risk to other road users if the damage has gone unnoticed. It’s also much easier to replace a damaged component immediately after an inspection than it is to scramble to replace it when the vehicle is in operation and potentially miles away from your headquarters.

You should also consider how the appearance of your trucks reflects your business and brand. Noticeably damaged trucks may make your customers and other drivers who see your fleet on the road think that your business is unprofessional.

Convince your customers that you run a professional operation by inspecting your trucks’ exteriors regularly and making any necessary repairs before sending them out on the road.

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5. Replace tyres and brakes regularly

Any truck components that tend to wear down over time – such as tyres and brakes – should be replaced regularly. This should be done before any problems actually arise to minimise the chance of accidents occurring.

Frequently check your tyres and brakes and replace them when they reach the minimum wear condition. If you notice even the smallest sign of wear and tear, it’s best to err on the side of caution and replace the affected parts as soon as possible.

When examining your brakes, you should also look for uneven wear side to side and front to back. This could be a sign that your brake system isn’t balanced and needs repairs or adjustments to function properly.


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