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2020 20 Plate SCANIA R500 Highline Tag with Tip and Walking Floor Hydraulics – PX20LUA

  • 490,121 Kms
  • Tractor Unit
  • 2020
  • 500 Bhp

2016 16 Plate Volvo FH 540 Double Drive – KS16XKM

  • 490,121 Kms
  • Tractor Unit
  • 2016
  • 540 Bhp

2019 19 Plate SCANIA R450 8×2 Rigid 65T Crane Sleeper Cab Platform – PN19EZZ

  • 490,121 Kms
  • Tractor Unit
  • 2019
  • 450 Bhp

What are the Different Types of Trucks?


When it comes to transportation and haulage, you’ll know that there are many different types of used trucks on the market.

However, choosing the truck you end up using is going to be one of the most important decisions you make.

To help you make an informed decision, the experts here at Smith Bros. have broken down the leading kinds – including the top-level brands we sell – to find the best type of vehicle that works for your business.

So whether you’re transporting heavy loads or need specialist support, we’ve got you covered.

With a wealth of information gleaned from over 50 years in the business, this guide will touch on:

– The different types of trucks

– Their best uses and what to expect

– A closer look at top brands

– What you can expect from Smith Bros.

Read on to find the best type of truck for your needs, as well as insights into tried and trusted brands.

The Different Types of Trucks

When looking at the type of truck you’ll use for haulage, it’s best to look at your overall usage and the kind of product that’s going to be transported.

From here, you can begin to finalise your choice of the truck from the following categories.

customised Scania tractor unit

Tractor Units

Tractor units – also termed as semi-trucks or tractors – are specially designed to pull trailers.

To accommodate this, they usually have no cargo space but feature a particularly powerful engine and an extra fifth wheel to connect to a trailer.


Compared to other truck types, tractor units are some of the most versatile.

As such, they can be used to transport a variety of goods over the long haul, with efficient fuel consumption despite carrying large volumes of cargo.

Tractor units can be configured with different axle setups to optimise their performance and functionality for various transportation needs.


Flatbed Trucks

Often used to transport oversized or irregularly shaped cargo, flatbed trucks have an open cargo bed with no sides or roof.


Flatbed trucks are typically used for carrying:

– Construction materials

– Machinery

– Large equipment

In a similar capacity to tractor-units, flatbed trucks offer flexibility in terms of transportation. They are a great voice for moving items that can’t fit inside traditionally enclosed trucks, those that require loading with cranes and other equipment, making them a useful choice for a variety of industries.



Loading and unloading from a crane truck is made simple, thanks to its namesake: a hydraulic crane attached right behind the cab or at the far end of the deck.


These trucks have four, eight, or even more wheels, which create a stable base for moving loads of up to 30 tonnes.

Most have a crane reach of up to thirty metres, with a sixty-metre lift height.

red rigid truck


A rigid truck – also known as a straight truck – is a single unit vehicle with a cargo area and the driver’s compartment on the same chassis.

These are predominantly used for regional and local deliveries, especially in built-up areas where tricky manoeuvring is needed, coming in a variety of different body types.


A wide variety of industries and logistics operations rely on rigid trucks for their transportation needs.

However, your choice of truck depends on the type of cargo, distance, terrain, and specific operational requirements needed for your business – which where our experts can help.

tipper truck dumping gravel


As the name suggests, a tipper truck is a vehicle with a mechanised platform that ‘tips’ the load.

These types of trucks are specially designed for transporting loose materials such as gravel, sand, or even debris from construction sites.


The tipper truck is mostly used to haul and unload bulky, loose materials quickly. As such, they are commonly found on construction sites and in mining operations, making them perfect for heavy-duty hauling and repetitive work.

Big Names and Brands We Offer at Smith Bros.


At Smith Bros, we’re proud specialists when it comes to Scania Trucks.

This reputable brand of truck is best known for its enduring performance, reliability, and efficiency, making it the perfect pick for businesses who need dependable fleet vehicles.

This makes the Scania range incredibly adaptable, with the ability to transport and drop-off in urban zones or manage long-hauls with ease.


Our range of Mercedes-Benz trucks spans several uses and industries.

From impressive construction trucks with powerful heavy-duty performance to vehicles built to handle off-road driving – even in extreme conditions -there’s something for everyone.

Able to handle demanding environments and diverse tasks, Mercedes-Benz Unimog is a versatile off-road vehicle able to handle diverse transportation jobs; we’ve seen our trucks used in a multitude of locations.

From the agricultural sector to cross-country long-haul, Mercedes-Benz Actros offers trusted support with comfort, fuel efficiency, and cutting-edge technology.


Volvo Trucks come straight from a world-leading truck manufacturer, who are committed to driving progress with a range of sustainable transport solutions.

Specialising in a transport offering spanning the medium to heavy-duty segment, they are used in over 130 countries, with a passion for creating different types of trucks with quality, safety, and environmental care.


DAF trucks are known for their dependability and durability – and for good reason.

DAF Commercial Vehicles are a Dutch company with a heritage reaching back to the 1920s. As such, they are becoming increasingly well-known in the UK, with a growing following in Germany, France, and Belgium.

They are a dependable option for companies and drivers alike, due to their consistent performance, broad ability and efficiency.


Want a closer look at our different types of truck? Turn to Smith Bros.

At Smith Bros., we’re leading specialists in haulage and pre-owned commercial trucks, with a particular focus on top brands such as Scania and DAF.

We provide a tailored approach to all of your vehicle needs – and our process couldn’t be simpler.

Even if you’re looking for a specific truck for sale, but can’t find it in our current range, our team can track it down with the help of our nationwide contacts.

Or to ask about our bespoke sales, repair and maintenance services, and truck paint shop, simply get in touch with the teamWe’d be more than happy to help.