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2022 22 Plate SCANIA S500 Highline Tag – BV22LHB

  • 490,121 Kms
  • Tractor Unit
  • 2022
  • 500 Bhp

2020 69 Plate SCANIA S500 Highline Tag – PY69KKL

  • 490,121 Kms
  • Tractor Unit
  • 2020
  • 500 Bhp

2020 70 Plate SCANIA R450 Highline Tag – PO70ZLE

  • 490,121 Kms
  • Tractor Unit
  • 2020
  • 450 Bhp

Scania R-Series: Buying Guide


The Scania R-series is a spacious, reliable truck that remains a popular choice with truck drivers and businesses alike. If you’re in the market for a pre-owned Scania truck but are unsure which to go for, then this buying guide is for you.

Scania is a global brand, with an award-winning reputation for providing cost-efficient trucks that don’t scrimp on performance. With the R-series, you’ll be sure to find a quality truck for your long distance drives.

Disclaimer: The Scania R-Series spans a range of models, and this buying guide will showcase the specifications and features of those available as of April 2024. For European truck drivers and businesses, the Euro 6 is the only model compliant with Euro vehicle emissions standards, which have been adopted in the UK. More on the UK Government’s guidance here.

front of Scania truck

First released in 2004, the Scania R-series came with 65% of the classic components of its predecessors but with a brand-new cab design new interior and many other technical improvements .

Since launch, it’s undergone a series of upgrades, keeping the series in line with user wants, as well as the motor industry’s continued venture into sustainable transport solutions.

In 2009, a 12.7-litre DC13 EGR engine was added at the 400hp, 440hp, and 480hp power levels. Today, the series offers three types of engines should you choose any of the Euro 6, Euro 5, Euro 4, and Euro 3 ranges.

Renowned for their fuel efficiency, the Scania Group has been winning ‘ Green Truck of the Year ’ for the best part of the past decade.

UK drivers: For the facilitation of cleaner vehicle sales in Great Britain, the Euro 6 is currently the only model that meets the emissions standards as defined in the latest UNECE regulations. Please refer to UK regulations here .


The Scania R-series has a select range of powertrains, all designed for endurance. Should you be looking specifically for a tractor unit for sale or pre-owned rigid , the R-series can also be teamed with a range of chassis configurations and heights.

An R-cab can be fitted with a 9, 13, or 16-litre engine, making it adaptable for a variety of long-distance routes and terrains. Depending on the engine that you choose, each model features the different specifications listed below.


  • Output: 250hp – 560hp
  • Torque: 1250 Nm – 2700 Nm
  • Fuel consumption: Diesel/HVO/Biodiesel
  • Emission technology: Does not include SCR system
  • Engine power take-off (PTO): 600 Nm – 800 Nm



  • Output: 280hp – 620hp
  • Torque:  1400 Nm – 3000 Nm
  • Fuel consumption: Diesel/HVO/Biodiesel
  • Emission technology: Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
  • Engine power take-off (PTO): 600 Nm – 800 Nm



  • Output: 280hp – 620hp
  • Torque: 1400 Nm – 3000 Nm
  • Fuel consumption: Diesel/HVO/Biodiesel
  • Emission technology: Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
  • Engine power take-off (PTO): 600 Nm – 800 Nm



  • Output: 280hp – 770hp
  • Torque: 1350 Nm – 3700 Nm
  • Fuel consumption: Diesel/HVO/Biodiesel/FAME/Gas (CNG/LNG)
  • Emission technology: Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) or Twin SCR/Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)
  • Engine power take-off (PTO): 600 Nm – 1000 Nm


If you’re interested in buying a used Scania R-series or need help deciding between the different types of trucks , don’t hesitate to contact us today .

Note: For UK truck drivers and businesses, the Euro 6 is the only model compliant with Euro vehicle emissions standards . Currently, the implementation of Euro 7 is in talks, with regulations postponed until 2031. More on the Euro 7 here .

blue scania truck


The Scania Group has a reputation for sustainability, and the manufacturer has made it their mission to ‘lead by example’ on the sustainable transport front.

But that’s not the only reason the Scania R-series has kept its edge.


Scania has always been known for performance, but the R-series introduced a whole new level. This powertrain integrates dual overhead camshafts in the engine, which deliver optimal gas exchange.

Combustion performance got an upgrade, alongside core modifications to the powertrain’s lubrication, cooling, and turbocharging systems. The shape of the cab and its front corners also have been streamlined to reduce aerodynamic drag and make air flow more efficient.

Some models feature a compression release brake system, which boasts an auxiliary engine braking capacity of up to 350 kW (note: this feature is optional, so do check the specifications before committing should this be important to you).

All in all, the added tweaks to push performance make the vehicle exceptionally smooth and easier to manage, especially on more challenging terrains.


With its higher roof, range of smart storage solutions, and more spacious cab than its predecessors, the Scania R-series was not only upgraded with the drive in mind – but the driver too! This continues to be a major selling point.

With your truck, you’ll have the choice of four roof heights – low, normal, highline, and topline – for the above-cab sleeping area. The area features a comfortable bed too, which ensures drivers can remain rested during any downtime on long distance rides.

Depending on which truck you choose to buy , some also come with extra features for added convenience. For example, a fridge, extendable tables, and adjustable seats that can be both reclined and rotated.

The cab also includes a large infotainment display with intuitive controls, ensuring drivers can stay informed on both road-related reports and general entertainment on the move.


Purpose-built to be a sturdier addition to the wider Scania PRT range, the R-series also pays extra care to road safety. As standard, position lights and extra lights are now integrated to reduce hazards when night falls.

Since launch, Scania has continued to advance the powertrain’s safety features. Models can now include:

  • Driver attention support system (previously called Driver Alert) : monitors the driver’s levels of focus
  • Driver support system: monitors acceleration, anticipation, and driving over undulating terrain
  • Integrated tyre pressure monitoring system: helps the truck to achieve optimal rolling resistance and reduce tyre wear to help prevent accidents
  • Advanced emergency braking system: uses a camera and radar to identify stationary or slow-moving traffic


Fuel economy is a huge selling point of the Scania brand, and here you’ll find no exception. For the Euro 6, especially trucks with SCR-only engines, significant improvements to the engine have been made to boost performance.

Check your truck’s spec for an Eco-roll and Scania Active Prediction (SAP), which feature in models manufactured after 2013. Eco-roll calculates based on the ideal time for a truck to roll downhill, and SAP uses GPS to analyse the road ahead and adjust power and braking to match for optimal fuel efficiency.

With the R-series having scooped up many awards since launch – and Scania as a whole being internationally recognised as one of the greenest trucks on the market – this just touches the surface of the in-built features you can expect for improved fuel economy.

If fuel economy is key to making your decision, check out our guide on the Scania Super, which is another great SCR-inclusive choice that boasts 8% in fuel savings.

scania white truck


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